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Datanet ISP Frequently Asked Questions 
What services are available to me with this system?  

The current system supports proxy server configuration and can recieve data up to 500kbps to 16 Mgbs.  

What is latency, what is its effects, and how are these addressed?  

Latency is caused by the signal needing to travel from Wahington Node, up to the satellite, and then back down to the user.The signal must travel approximately 23,400 miles up to the satellite and then back down to be received by the end user.The signal travels at 186,000miles/sec.Dividing the up/down trip of 46,800 miles by 186,000 miles/sec gives us latency of .25 sec.The receiver card recognizes this latency and addresses this with the TCP/IP acknowledgment.  
"Latency effect will be seen most in internet gaming sessions. Multiplayergames like Quake 3 or  
Unreal Tournament which require lightning-fast reflexes may not work to optimal performance due to latency if routed through a satellite connection. As described above and unlike some competitive products, Service keeps such packets terrestrial and does not route them through the higher latency, satellite route.  
This inherent advantage can be realized when sharing Service across several computers. Users behind an appropriately configured gateway can expect on-line gaming on local computers to be unaffected while other computers on the local network are taking advantage of high downloads and web browsing.  

Furthermore, unlike other satellite services, Datanet ISP does not require use of its own style of dial-up networking and allows the user to choose his own type of connection to the local internet service provider, such as multi-link or other high speed internet connection."  
Can this product be implemented on a Network for multiple users to access the Internet at the same time?  

Yes, the product has been tested with several Internet sharing software utilities. Such as WinRoutePro 4.0, WinProxy, Windows 2000 ICS and several others, Linux Server is the recomended.  

Can I purchase the equipment elsewhere and have it activated for service?  

The equipment can be purchased elsewhere. We will activate anyones hardware. However, it does make it difficult for us to support something we did not sell.  

What does it cost and how long does it take to receive the equipment?  

The cost depends on the service you need.  For more details on cost, just send us an e-mail .,  Equipment will be delivered once the order has been placed.  All orders will be shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise specified, or contact your local Datanet ISP 

Are there existing antennas that can be used on our system?  

Yes!People with Primestar, AlphaStar, DirecPC and/or Fast@XS dishes can reuse this antenna on our system.  However, we can not guarantee that they will work, but it can be done. Companies that use smaller dishes like the DSS system and DirecTV are not compatible.Understand that since an antenna must be aimed at our satellite, it will not receive signals from other satellites.Thus, if someone is receiving a signal from a compatible antenna from another satellite, they will require an additional antenna  

Can I use this system anywhere in the world?  

Yes, currently this system will only work in United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Mexico, Central America, South America, Canada, Europa, Africa, Korea and Australia.  Please refer to Home section to see the Datanet ISP around the World . 

If you have any questions, email: or contact page for help. 
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