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One Way SystemDatanet ISP provides an asymmetrical, one-way High Speed Internet Access over Satellite solution for the business and home users at an affordable price. 

The service is designed primarily for receiving data, which is approximately 85% to 95% of the traffic on the Internet. 

We can provide businesses with dedicated bandwidth as well as encrypted. Our service has the ability to support up to 100 users per satellite receiver card. This is an ideal service to help increase your back-bone connectivity to the Internet. 

We can also provide data-casting services. We have the ability to push data and video on demand to several individuals or companies at the same time. 

If you would like to order the system or would like more details, please contact  to  We can customize an Internet service plan that fits your Internet needs and budget. 

Today's Internet applications still use an inefficient one-to-one TCP/IP protocol, even though they communicate information from one-to-many. IP multicasting overcomes this problem by allowing a single copy of data to reach all intended destinations, significantly enhancing network performance and efficiency. Moreover, satellites have an inherent broadcast capability which greatly simplifies IP multicasting when compared with alternative infrastructures. IP multicasting plays an increasingly important role in business-critical applications that require information to be distributed from a central site - from reliable software updates for servers, kiosk data and video clip updates, as well as large-image distribution - to pricing information for points of sale. 

We have the answer that all ISP's have been looking for.  We can setup a caching Server that will only populate the threads that are of interest to your users at an affordable price.  This service would be totally transparent to your users.  There would be no need for you to dedicate a certain amount of your terrestrial connection for service anymore.  


One Way Vs. Two Way Service  
SECURE INTERNET BACKHAUL – Secure connectivity between Main  hub facility and your central office or data center for a complete end-to-end network solution. 

LICENSED IN-STORE MUSIC – PlayNetwork™ provides a variety of pre-programmed channels, or design custom music play lists specific to your environment. 

CREDIT AND DEBIT CARD AUTHORIZATION* – Response times under five seconds using satellite equipment instead of a telephone line. 
MULTICAST WEB CONFERENCING* – Allows you to deliver network-wide, Web-based teleconferencing and corporate training. 


NEXT BUSINESS DAY ON-SITE MAINTENANCE – Includes on-site equipment repair and/or replacement by the next business day. 

SAME BUSINESS DAY ON-SITE MAINTENANCE – Includes on-site equipment repair and/or replacement with a six-hour response time. 

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