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 Two Way Service 

Two Way SystemUnlike DSL and some satellite providers, whose "business-level" service is nothing more than their consumer with a higher price tag. Datanet ISP is a true commercial-grade offering that was exclusively designed for business customers.  

BROADBAND INTERNET ACCESS designed exclusively for multi-location businesses; faster than other satellite platforms and not shared with consumers 
IMMEDIATE WORLD WIDE AVAILABILITY to any location with a clear view of the southern sky; goes where DSL and cable can’t reach 

COMMERCIAL-GRADE INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE dedicated help desk; Worldwide service from a single provider 

OPTIONAL BUSINESS SERVICES single-platform solution for Internet, in-store music, credit authorization, Web conferencing/training, and other services 
BUILT-IN ROUTING AND LAN CONNECTIONS up to four simultaneous Internet connections; serial and Ethernet ports not available with DSL and cable modems 
FULL NETWORK SCALABILITY designed to grow with your business; migrate to a fully customized, private WAN without changing remote site hardware 

 Vsat Service 
Using a 24x36-inch satellite dish and a small indoor satellite modem, Datanet ISP provides a single-platform solution for all of your business communications requirements. The dish, which connects to the modem using two coaxial cables, must have a clear, unobstructed view of the Southern sky. The modem connects to a standard PC using a CAT5 Ethernet cable. 

Data and content travel to and from your remote sites via satellite to our main sat office, which has a dedicated terrestrial connection to the Internet backbone, as well as third-party vendors and content providers. An optional secure Internet backhaul can link your corporate headquarters or data center to main hub, this providing a complete end-to-end communications solution for your business. 

Datanet ISP is powered by many satellites systems from Gilat Satellite Networks. The 360E is a two-way VSAT using a high speed, DVB-standard outbound transport system in conjunction with Gilat's field-proven satellite return channel. The entire system was optimized for IP applications and delivers high channel speeds in the industry.  


One Way Vs. Two Way Service  
SECURE INTERNET BACKHAUL – Secure connectivity between Main  hub facility and your central office or data center for a complete end-to-end network solution. 

LICENSED IN-STORE MUSIC – PlayNetwork™ provides a variety of pre-programmed channels, or design custom music play lists specific to your environment. 

CREDIT AND DEBIT CARD AUTHORIZATION* – Response times under five seconds using satellite equipment instead of a telephone line. 
MULTICAST WEB CONFERENCING* – Allows you to deliver network-wide, Web-based teleconferencing and corporate training. 


NEXT BUSINESS DAY ON-SITE MAINTENANCE – Includes on-site equipment repair and/or replacement by the next business day. 

SAME BUSINESS DAY ON-SITE MAINTENANCE – Includes on-site equipment repair and/or replacement with a six-hour response time. 

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